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July 1 Private Event JJ Evening

July 1 Canada Day Sayward BC

July 5 Probus Event Comox BC

July 7 Music Fest (Sound)
July 8 Music Fest (Sound)
July 9 Private Event (Wedding)

July 13 Wine Wednesday w/Henry Small

July 14 Riptide CR 6:30-9;30 w Henry Small

July 15 Private Event Video Shoot

July 16 Private Event CR

July 17 FILOMI Days Port Hardy
July 23 Private Event Wedding

July 29 Stuart Island Fundraiser
July 30 Stuart Island Fundraiser
July 31 Stuart Island Fundraiser


Aug 3 Private Event

Aug 6 CVFM
Aug 7 Private Event Wedding

Aug 12 Rock the Dock Tahsis Westview Marina

Aug 13 House-Aversary Private Event
Aug 20 Private Event Wedding

Aug 21 The Gorge Harbor Cortes

Aug 22 The Gorge Harbor Cortes

Aug 25 Riptide Marine Pub 6:30-9:30
Aug 27 Private Event Wedding

Aug 28 Peir Street Market C.R.

1 Match Casino Courtenay

4 Brown's Bay Resort

10 Dodge Chrysler Dealership Grand Opening

15 Riptide Marine Pub C.R, 6:30-9:30

17 Ace Brewing Courtenay 6-9

24 Match Casino Trio C.R.



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