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New Album Available !!


Seize The Day




April 5 Nature Trust Event Parksville

April 11 Riptide Marine Pub CR 6:30-9:30

April 13 Private Event Comox

April 26 Private Event Dove Creek Hall

April 27 Rainbow Room Port Alberni


May 4 Rainbow Room Sound

May 5 Birthday Bash

May 8 VICC Nanaimo Convention Centre

May 15 Josh Birthday Bash

May 23 Riptide Marine Pub 6:30-9:30

May 26 Coles Birthday Bash

May 31 Planted Expo


June 1 Planted Expo

June 3 Planted Expo

June 8 Farmers market Stage 9:30-12:30

June 8 Private Party C.R.

June 15 Private Event

June 20 Private Graduation Event

June 22 Kin Beach Private Event

June 23 Crystal Ball Room Victoria


July 1 Canada Day Sayward BC

July 4 40 Knots 10th Anniversary Event

July 5 Private Wedding Event

July 6 Farmers Market CVFM 9:30-12:30

July 6 Private Event Black Creek

July 12 VIMF Music Fest

July 13 VIMF Music Fest

July 14 VIMF Music Fest

July 20 Private Event

July 21 FILOMI Days Port Alberni

July 27 Private Event Campbell River

July 28 C.R. Farmers Market Stage


Aug3 Stuart Island

Aug 4 Stuart Island

Aug 10 Private Event 40 Knots

Aug 10 Private Event C.R

Aug 11 Gorge Harbour Resort

Aug 12 Gorge Harbour Resort

Aug 21 Private Wedding Gowland Bay

Aug 30 Rock The Dock Thasis



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